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Make Earth a Healthier place

NorTech Recycling is here, with a dream that thousands more are after for, that is to give our environment, living creatures, and future generation a pollution-free world to live in. This dream may seem easy to achieve, looking at every country government, authorities, judiciary, institutions, etc joined together for this social cause. But it can’t be achieved if each one of us, together pledge to make our surroundings and environment a healthier place to live in.

To make this dream or a challenge of e-waste free world a reality, we NorTech Recycling is helping people to get rid of their old, obsolete,

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    damaged, outdated, e-wastes by offering them eco-friendly recycling solutions. We are one of the leading and renowned recycling solutions providers in the entire Bay Area.

    Eco-Friendly Solutions for Recycling

    Our expert team of technicians is well-equipped with the best and nature-friendly methods that will securely recycle your e-waste. Dumping the already packaged landfills and throwing away the burned or obsolete e-waste overseas, we ensure none of such activity is going to happen when you are with NorTech Recycling.

    Whether you are a business organization, school, hospital, charity organization, or common electronic device user, you can avail the advantages of our top-notch recycling e-waste services.

    We offer e-waste pickups for business and organizations. Our friendly team will come and gather all your e-waste from your location and we would further start our task. Once your e-waste is with us, your part is over. But it is also advisable that you must not unnecessarily keep on buying electronic devices just because it is in trend, as it would add more to the difficulty of e-waste recycling and it’s disposing of.

    Safety of Information

    Our team will efficiently manage your e-wastes and other needs. It includes the safety of your data. We know how important your data is for your business, therefore we offer reliable services of data destruction and will even let you know several ways, by which you can secure your data and information.

    We are just a call away for your e-waste problems. We would love if you too take a step forward; help us achieve the goal we all have dreamt for.