Data Destruction

How we carry out our Data Destruction Services?

NorTech Recycling under the department of its safe and secure data destruction and hard drive shredding employs technologically advanced equipment and industry-leading software to psychically destroy the hardware bearing your private and confidential data and wipe clean the hidden data still embedded in the hidden bytes of your electronic devices and hard drives once they reach our service facility.

What makes us a leading Data Destruction Expert in California?

The core of our recycling and data destruction services revolve around the

privacy and the confidentiality of our clients, thus each process and procedure is designed and carried out on the established grounds of data security.

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    NorTech Data Destruction Solutions

    Date Erasure: In order to fully and proficiently meet all your privacy and security needs to perfection, NorTech only divulges in high-tech means of data erasure to completely wipe clean all kind of sensitive and private data from the old computers, cell phones, IT equipment, data centers and hard drives, while taking utmost care of the psychical integrity of the product.


    Our data destruction procedures try to achieve the ultimate level of proficiency in getting rid of the private data from the obsolete devices, so that they can be put forth for reusing and recycling, fetching maximum value for our customers.


    Data Shredding: A satisfied client is a recurring client and this satisfaction will only stem out from the peace of mind, which we offer to our clients by psychically destroying the electronic devices, products, and media devices that they have offered for recycling to make them believe that their data is indeed eliminated.

    Rest Easy with the Certificate of Destruction

    To offer you our undivided loyalty and the dedication and commitment with which we shell out our services, here as a proof of our ethical nature and approach, we offer each client a certificate of destruction after the materials are destroyed, to give them the surety that there is no way their devices that can be resold or reused under any capacity again.