E-Waste Recycling Events

Raise Money for Your Program with an E-waste Fundraiser

NorTech totally empathizes with the non-profit organizations and certain public welfare establishment’s inability to raise enough resources and funds to support their operations. Thus, to help them out, when they are in utmost need, NorTech hosts as well as conducts E-waste Fundraisers and events for Businesses, Public, Private Schools & Colleges, Hospitals, Clinics and Laboratories, Government Offices, Courtrooms, & Agencies, Police Stations and Departments, and Churches, Rights and Social Welfare Organizations.

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    Why NorTech Organizes E-waste Events and Fundraisers for Non-Profit Organizations & Business Units?

    Awareness being the #1 reason, why NorTech decided to host electronic waste recycling events and programs in partnership with different commercial, public and private institutions to make the citizens of the Bay Area more aware and responsible towards the rapidly rising e-waste disposal crisis and its hazardous impact on the environment as well on the human population.


    Also, NorTech wants to present the organizations with the silver opportunity to raise funds to support their programs by hosting e-waste events at their premises and collecting the unwanted, outdated and scrap electronic waste, helping us in our noble cause to give the less-fortunate people in the Bay Area the access to high-tech equipment at extremely low prices.

    NorTech Takes the Complete Responsibility of the Event

    • We charge no cost for participation
    • We provide the organizations with the necessary resources to host the events like staff, collection bins, contact forms, collection trucks, etc.
    • We assist the organizations with the preparation of the required marketing supply.
    • We are ready to conduct event anywhere provided it has ample space for our collection trucks.
    • The collected waste will be transported to our facility via our company trucks.
    • The payment of the e-waste collected via your event will be given to you in the form of a check within 30 days of the event.